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Professional - Stackable cases

Flexibility and stackability - these are the most important characteristics of this product line.

The Shopper product line comes from the Professional product line and was converted into a standard system which comprises today 2 different sizes of the system. The model Shopper is the system with the higher volume and capacity and has a size of the base area of 450 x 300 mm. As standard, the base element (lower part) is all around equipped with a foam padding. As option, an office equipment could be ordered. This includes a section for a hanging file system.

This shopper system consists of the base part (lower part) which is equipped with 150 mm comfort rollers and a retractable handle and could be completed individually with different middle sections. This middle sections could be used in any quantity. For the needed combination there are 3 different standard heights available. As closing section the lid is recommended. With this, a single middle etage could be linked and used as case.

Flexibility for professionals

These are in principle cases which are based on the construction of the classical alumnium cases, or rather aluminium frame cases. Sufficiently well-known, this became popular by the mid 70s as aluminium case.
At the end of the 80s the use of cases became increasingly popular in the industry. At this time KKC cases GmbH - the leading German case manufacturer - produced a case for craftsmen and assemblymen (mainly electricians) which was individually stackable like a modular construction system. These cases were produced without lid and bottom part so that the stacking was easier and better than before. Because of this a case which was defined regarding width and depth, but flexible regarding height, could be designed individually by the end user. This is how a system case was developed which consists of a bottom part, a middle part and a lid. All three product parts are not fixed ex works but could be connected to the other parts using automatic locks made of metal. By using several middle parts (the parts produced without lid and bottom part) the case could be individually adapted to the size. And this could not only be done when buying the case but also at any time later. Whenever it is required by the situation, middle parts could be bought in addition and the existing aluminium case could grow with the use.

As a case could be assembled fast which could not be carried because of its size, this solution has been equipped with rollers. At the beginning there were 4 rollers, which should facilitate use of the case system, but then a solution was designed which improved handling using 2 rollers and a retractable handle. However, until this moment the popular "mini-rollers" were no professional solution but an inappropriate savings potential.
As first German manufacturer KKC has counted on use of large, well mounted and with a rubberised bearing surface equipped rollers. These use a lot of space what could be taken as disadvantage at first but the undisputed advantages predominate. There is a reason why this solution is also called comfort roller solution. Who had once the possibility to move a case with rollers with a diameter of 150 mm is not willed to give it away. Besides the unexpected quite running, these large rollers offer the possibility to move it almost on every ground. Small stones which have killed off the small rollers are no longer noticed. Paved, gravelled and even unpaved roads could be surmounted without any problems with the comfort roller system made by KKC.

This trolley solutions with 150 mm large rollers offer in connection with a retractable handle for the first time the possibility to hoist the case or the stacked case system pretty easy over stairs and likewise to walk down without having to carry the case as system case which could be sometimes very heavy. In order to realised this a skid was developed which is installed at every system and is made of an almost indestructible plastic material.

The stacked case principle had its first fans in the area of electrical installation and the artisanry and had become more popular as tool case. As KKC does not only deal with tool cases but also manufactures presentation and sample cases, this stacking system could be used again and again for presentation tasks for selling.

KKC - the specialist for user-friendly transport and presentation solutions began to deal more intensely with the product and the possibilities and has created a standard system with two standard types. With the two types Professional Shopper Profi and Professional Shopper Basic two standard solutions are available which could be bought ready-made without any further declaration and development.

Professional Shopper Profi
A nice presentation with the brand new case - hardly to be made better. But what if the products and product parts change? Then the only solution is an entire new case. These are costs which could be limited because of a reasoned solution.

The aluminium case Shopper Profi as presentation and sample case for the sales

The ranges of use of a shopper system made by the aluminium case manufacturer located in Stemwede are limitless. The shopper systems are made in Germany with highest precision and quality "Made in Germany". Just with this it is warranted that all shopper units fit perfectly together. This applies also for case components which are bought later after years. The standard system consists of several, individually combinable components. The standard interior design could be kept flexibly and from 10 same elements on totally individually, e. g. it could be equipped with milled foam inserts. The shopper system is perfect for distribution activities of the field work. In the past it was indispensable to take along on the one hand the attaché case for all documents and catalogues and on the other hand the additional product sample case. This resulted in the problem to meet the dialogue partner with full hands. Today the solution with an aluminium case made of the shopper system looks more exclusive and above all more fkexible. The user has at first the base case or rather the base component. This is equipped with the comfort roller system with retractable handle. The rollers are integrated in the case so that it looks quite compact and finds well its room in the car. This base part or rather base component of the aluminium case system is simply called "bottom part" and is equipped as so-called office case. You have got the possibility to put in ring binders, to store a laptop and to put in a hanging file system. This sounds certainly at the first moment a little bit outmoded but this is not right. It is still normal that the dialogue partners will get besides links for web pages and other electronic products brochures as printed versions. And these want to arrive cleanly and crease-resistant which functions excellently with this "old" organisation medium.

Onto this base component one of the three standard components, which are called middle parts in this system, could be stacked individually. The middle parts have instead of a closing bottom a base plate which is displaced to the internal in order that a stable face for the incoming parts is available. Because of the moving in of the base plate it is possible to use a system frame which allows a precise stacking of all single middle parts. All components of the stacking system could be linked constantly and permanently using 4 automatic locks. The middle parts do not need any adjustment for the accurately fitting because they have been manufactured with highest accuracy. The three available middle parts differ at first only in the filling height. With this it is possible to create his presentation case only that big as it is necessary. In the theory only natural and practical limits are set. All middle parts are ex works all around lined with foam and equipped with two variable dividing walls. According to the position they divided the case element (middle part) into different sized compartments. With this equipment the systems offer an excellent flexibility. It is absolutely trivial what new products are added to the previous range of products. It is not necessary to get an entire new aluminium presentation case in order to cope professionally and succesfully this new situation.

A notable equipment variaton for the middle parts is mentionable. This is about the equipment with an individually designed foam insert. Without question, this is the best presentation instrument which will captivate the viewers. If the foam insert will be produced by use the milling technology, the input remains reasonably. Should during this initial situation new products be added or substituted, a new foam insert will be necessary but occasionally only for one part or rather one middle part. Without a doubt the individually adapted foam insert is a notable criterion for the sales conversation and perhaps tips the scales if it depends on a tough conversation.

A further notable advantage of this system is the flexibility, even for a large range of products of the seller. If the seller has, for example, grouped his products in the single middle parts and has stored the system in the car boot, he could decide right before his appointment what product parts he would like to take. The base part (here called bottom part), one, two or three middle parts and a closing lid form the professional sales assistant and a unique sales system for the sales representatives.

"What is all this lugging about?" - this may utter the critics. "Where there are pocket-sized tablet computers", like tha Apple iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Note. To this you could only say that this medium offers great sales support and should not be absent in no case. Who forgets to use absolutely all senses for the sales success at the key moment, leaves a chance unused.



  Total height H is split up into
  bottom height (b-height) + lid height (l-height)

  All indicated dimensions are usable internal dimensions in mm

For most flexible and multi purpose uses
Shopper System PROFI

  • 1 standard lid size
  • 3 standard middle section sizes
  • 1 standard base part sizes
  • 1 standard colour: silver-grey
  • sturdy and resistant surface
  • functional, durable automatic locks
  • pleasurable handling by retractable handle, installed on the backside
  • easy surmounting of steps due to skids
  • optional available office equipment for hanging file system
  • delivery time: 3 - 5 working days for goods which are in stock
Type W / D / H (mm) Article no. In stock Weight Offer buying
Lid 450 x 300 x 20 71401.00 X 1.15 kg request >> shop
Middle section H70 450 x 300 x 70 71404.00 X 1.95 kg request >> shop
Middle section H100 450 x 300 x 100 71403.00 X 2.10 kg request >> shop
Middle section H150 450 x 300 x 150 71402.00 X 2.45 kg request >> shop
Base part H320 450 x 300 x 320 71400.00 X 5.75 kg request >> shop
Equipment Office 450 x 300 x 320 71406.00 X request >> shop

Accessories and further fittings
are the essence of a professional aluminium case solution. Please select one of the following headwords and click for further detailed information.

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  • Interior design
    Foam inserts, deeprecessed inserts and so on are available in many variations.
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  • Hardware fittings
    Case locks, hinges,handles etc. are meant by hardware fittings. According to your choicethe case is Furtherexamples ...

  • Roller systems
    Rollers could beinstalled for comfortable work with a heavy case. A choice Furtherexamples ...

  • Electrical assembly
    Showing products infunction and convincing customers. You'll get here information on howto get spread electricity in your case: Furtherexamples ...

  • Logos/Branding
    Company logos andproduct names belong to nearly every packaging. Even on your case.
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