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Approximately 1,000 cases in standard sizes are available for every need.
Please choose from the 2 following fields of application:

  • CASES for Promotion and Presentation
  • CONTAINERS for Transport and Logistics

Choose one of the buttons on the top of this side for your need and get started with the "case and foam world" of KKC. Made in Germany - 95 % of KKC's cases are produced at its own production site in Germany. This is a special request of our own. Clients and prospective clients for whom sustainability, social engagements and ethics are relevant are in good hands at KKC.

Expertise and experience in cases

Unternehmensgebäude KKC

In 1986 Friedhelm Kollweier layed together with his former copartner the foundations for the today's company KKC cases GmbH. Since then the company produces cases at its local site. These are used as high grade presentation and transport packaging. Aluminium cases, sample cases, agents cases and tool cases, just to mention some of them.
Today the range of products comprises different aluminium cases, divided into different product lines, as well as aluminium etuis and document cases, completed by plastic cases and the large range of interior designs. We produce these individual case solutions most efficiently with the help of a perfected machinery and experienced, qualified employees.

KKC, a modern manufacturing company, is as producer of cases - the case manufactory in Germany - and proud to give its products the seal of quality Made in Germany. Highest quality is in vogue, well-known and has one name: KKC cases GmbH.



Advice and service

Besprechung und Beratung bei KKC

Two attributes to which we feel obliged. KKC's team sees itself as the client's partner and counts on a constructive cooperation. As case manufacturer we offer with our sales representatives on-site advisory as matter of course. Time is a valuable commodity for all involved, it is essential to insert this as effective as possible.

The great advantage of cooperation with KKC is our know-how in combination with the type of problem expressed by the client and prospective client.

On the basis of the counselling interview, our technicians develop a proposal for solution which will be worked out to a detailed offer when knowing all relevant details.

Case production Made in Germany

Kofferproduktion mit Einsatz moderner Produktionsmaschinen.

Following the continuing market requirements the range of products has been enlarged continously and offers today for nearly all fields of application a solution.
Investments in technology and know-how are indispensable for a high quality production.

KKC does not only work together with its clients, prospective clients and suppliers on solutions but also uses the communication for new product developments in future.

Flexibility through automation

Kofferproduktion Zuschnitt der Aluminiumprofile

Who wants to work in line with market conditions and solutions, should be in the position to realise them during competitive delivery times. For this purpose KKC falls back on a not inconsiderable quantity of stocks. An ingenious logistics and a far-sighted disposal enable us to provide creative solutions in due course.

Before, during and after the production process, communication and process control belong basicallyto the safekeeping of high quality standards which could be expected from long-standing clients and be obtained from new clients at KKC.

Cases from A to Z

Are not only cant phrases at KKC as it is unfortunately experienced elswhere very often. KKC does not only produce cases but also solutions entirely from A to Z. An example is the most frequently used interior design for cases: foam inlays. These are produced individually and suitable for your products by means of different processing technologies.

Electrical cabling investigated by TÜV (Technical Inspection Certificate) and GS

Who wants to sell convicingly has to present convincingly at the same time. This is particularly the case for products which have electrical or rather electronic functions and offer with this best conditions to separate the wheat from the chaff.

In such cases, products should not only be inoperable in the foam but also come into operation during presentation. For this, KKC offers as manufacturer a wiring service. The client delivers his products and KKC installs them in the case, wires them according to the provided connection diagram and checks the finished solution regarding functionality and safety.
By arrangement and in accordance with the buyer, the case gets the TÜV / GS certificate.

Cases made by KKC - certainly the best solution

Service all-around is not only shown outwardly but also realised within KKC. A team of employees takes the requests and proposals and takes care of the trouble-free process of the entrusted orders. To be always reachable is not always feasible - however we will never leave our clients alone.

Use the competence and know-how of an experienced specialist in the field of sales promotion with cases. The large range of products such as aluminium cases, agents cases, sample cases, plastic cases, just to mention some of the products, will be completed by nearly every imaginable case solution.

We look forward to your challenge

KKC is one of the few case companies that really produces in large part the offered and demonstrated cases and does not only pretend to do this. Therefore: Make a benchmark with the many reputed case manufacturers. Frankness, transparency, professionalism and experience look for similar ones.

We offer you with this web presence and our web shop a whole host of proposals and solutions.

We would be pleased to demonstrate this to you.

Your team of KKC