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Individuality with plastic cases means: To adapt and equip the standard case to his or the internal requirements. The range of colours and sizes of the sample cases made of plastic is the first possibility of individualisation. Then printing, labelling or rather branding with screen printing, in-mould labelling and finally the interior design adapted to the product parts can create the individual case solution. Who does not use this possibilities gives finally cash away or rather passes up the advertising and promotion possibilitites of these cases.



Plastic case for product set

... custom-made designed
and obtainable within 1 month

Width, depth and height

are fix defined and could not be changed. Available sizes are different according to the product line and can be found here:

Product line:  fancy design           - LICASE
Product line:  large + robust         - PICASE XL
Product line:  practical + prompt   - PICASE N


will be realised for plastic cases with the help of printing or rather the exterior and interior design of the case.
The following optional fittings show some examples of the possible design.

My individual solution

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Optional fittings and supplements

  • Interior design
    Foam inserts, deeprecessed inserts and so on are available in many variations.
    Furtherexamples ...

  • Logos/Branding
    Company logos andproduct names belong to nearly every packaging. Even on your case.
    Further examples ...

  • Downloads
    Downloadpart catalogue and, insofar available, data sheets etc. as pdf-data.
    Click here for download...

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