Plastic cases, ABS resin cases, blow-moulded cases

The category plastic cases comprises six product lines. Three of them could be perfectly used as packaging cases. The decision for this or that product line is mostly made because of the design or price. The other three product lines are more sturdy alternatives and therefore intended for special uses. Below you will find a rough general view:

fancy and practical: LICASE

technical and multifarious: PICASE

sturdy and robust: ABS resin cases

indestructible and strong: blow-moulded cases ARCAS

LICASE plastic cases standard sizes

Unbeatable as economically priced packaging. The appealing design and the good cost-performance ratio turn the plastic cases of the product line LICASE into best sellers.

Made in Germany 

From 2 Euro on
according to size and ordered quantity. 12 standard sizes are available.


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PICASE plastic cases injection-moulded

The special case with positioner. The standard choice of colours is without any competitors - 8 standard colours are available. In addition the case's lid could be hold in a position of 90°.

Made in Germany 

Form 4 Euro on
according to quantity and size deliverable. The standard range comprises 8 sizes.


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ABS-NORMCASE plastic cases

The Plaston brand-name products of the product line Normcase made in Switzerland are unbreakable, almost indestructible.

Swiss Made

From 8 Euro on
this sturdy cases are available in 8 different sizes.


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ARCAS blow-moulded - plastic cases

Indispensable cases as economically priced packaging especially for heavy products or the daily use at construction sites.

Made in Germany 

From 15 Euro on
with corresponding ordered quantity. 5 different sizes are available.


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