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Technical and flexible. No other product line offers a higher flexiblity and high stability at the same time.

The product line Professional distinguishes itself through its solid method of construction. Solutions with nearly any dimensions could be realized. Particular resistant surfaces made of laminate form in conjunction with the aluminium frame a sturdy casing. The more than 20 years proved locks, hinges and handles guarantee an all around successful solution which will permanently and functionally do it's work. For an immediate demand 14 different case models with different sizes are available.

For individualisation of in-stock products foam inserts could be produced for a minimum quantity of 10 pieces. For the entirely individual aluminium case please reger to Professional Individual. From a minimum quantity of 10 cases an entirely individual case could be designed.

Professional cases down to the last detail

The aluminium case product line for professionals.

KKC's PROFESSIONAL aluminium frame case is the most multi-purpose case model. Through its technical constitution this is the system with the most diverse designs and is thereby suitable for individual creation and concept of particular, customer oriented uses. At the same time it represents a safe transport and professional presentation possibility for many industrial sectors.Its diverse designs allow production of a sample case made of aluminium in nearly all dimensions like width, depth and height.

Accurate to the millimetre and entirely individual.

Consequently aluminium cases can be adapted individually to the user-specific problem. The construction of this case system is made of plates and thin aluminium profiles and thereby a solid and sturdy case is developed which beards many adversities of the daily routine. The cases' surfaces and all other elements can be selected assembled individually in order to fulfil the clients' demands.

About the aluminium case
- Made in Germany

Aluminium cases Made in Germany connect. They connect the third-largest element in the world with innovative ideas, specialist and technical perfected knowledge and responsibility for human and environment.

Material aluminium
Aluminium is the third-largest element of the world and distinguishes itself as material with diverse characteristics. Aluminium has a low own weight and high strength at the same time and is easily deformable. Aluminium creates value and distinguishes itself through its long life period. Because of this characteristics it is used as perfect and high grade material for the construction of cases. Products made of aluminium could be recycled again and again without a great loss of quality and provide with this their input to the chain of economic value added.

Aluminium cases
In the middle of the 70s the term aluminium case became popular. However, as expected, not in the area of suitcases but in particular in the area of photography. For a long time, bags were the dominating and favoured storage and transport instruments. Inspired by professional phtographers and their preference for sturdy transport containers for their damageable and expensive equipment, e. g. the company EMBAGS became a pioneer. They were among the first companys which imported aluminium cases for photo equipment from China to Germany. Sales in specialist shops became a success.

The case manufacturers, located in Germany, had at that time no technically comparable cases made of aluminium in their portfolio. The leather case remained dominating. First attempts to compete against the imported goods from the Far East failed miserably because of the cost structure. Only for small quantities or custom-made products the clients were ready to pay the additional costs. Until now, 40 years later, the vast majority of the sold aluminium cases comes from the Far East.

All aluminium cases are not the same.

In the meantime, aluminium cases are well-known at the market, nearly every consumer could associate a concrete product with this. As answer to the question where these cases could mostly be bought, in the most of the cases building centres, supermarkets and furniture stores are mentioned. Sales via the internet, large mail order companies and webshops has become more important for the consumers. In this business segment large quantites of aluminium cases from the Far East could be kept at hand by importers for the European market and, without proof of qualification and proof of quality, could be put on the market and be sold.

The term aluminium cases consists of to words: aluminium and case. Aluminium describes the high grade material of the product and case describes the manufactured product. A leading aluminium case manufacture is e. g. Rimowa in Cologne. The cases, suitable for the suitcase market, are made of high grade aluminium using the deep-drawn technique.

Aluminium cases made in the Far East to which the cases from the building centres belong, are only apparently made of aluminium. Also in Asia it is saved on the use of raw material in order to keep the low costs of production. The surfaces are not made entirely of aluminium but of aluminium foils. As these foils provide no stability, they are sticked together with wooden plates and manufactured to cases. The building centre's aluminium cases is consequently no high quality aluminium case but a wooden case with a thin aluminium external coating. A high quality of the case is faked.

Qualitative differences of the aluminium cases

If you look back on the history of origins of the aluminium cases, it is no wonder that the quality of the goods from the Far East is not particular high. What is the reason for this?
The prices of aluminium raw material are worldwide nearly identical and account for about 1,000 Euro per ton. The high freight costs and low retail prices of the aluminium cases manufactured in Asia demand their tribute. The retail prices could only be realised thanks to reduction of raw materials and extreme low labour costs. Because of the reductions of labour costs in comparison to Europe the number of so-called case manufacturers in Asia has increased greatly during the last 20 years. During case production from the Far East the manual labour is in the foreground because of the low wage level. This leads to irregular production of the goods and that the quality within one production line fluctuates. Also the fitting accuracy of the single elements is not standardised and consequently not comparable with quality produced in Europe.

Among the Asian manufacturing companies an enormous price fight could be noticed. As they do not have anything to give in Asia, the increasing competitive pressure is fought out at the expense of the product quality and the social responsibility to the employees. The material savings are found in the area of the base material and the inferior quality of the aluminium profiles.

Instead of the initially used solid wooden plate, paper / paper material is used as base material, the aluminium profiles are produced thinner and smaller. Even the locks, hinges and other fittings have to be purchased from even more and more doubtful sources in order to be able to offer the cases at a more favourable price than the competitors do.

The European aluminium case manufacturers follow other requirements. Due to the European wage level and the use of high quality raw materials a higher manufacturing price is the result. This price justifies itself because of a better and constant production and product quality. Buyer and user decide more consciously on buying the cases which are manufactured in Europe. Just because of this a high quality product and a long period of use are guaranteed.

Areas of application of aluminium cases

Most different intended uses could be combined with an aluminium case.
• suitcases
• presentation cases, presentation of goods for sale
• product cases, product and case combined as sales set
• transport cases
• cases for storage of different products
• security briefcases


The certainly most favoured and well-known use is the use of suitcases. No matter where you are, everywhere you will meet other people who are on their way with suitcases. The great variety of suitcases becomes apparent. Large and small, thick and thin cases, coloured and simple cases made of different materials are used. Almost every user gets the opportunity to find the perfect suitcase for himself. The suitcase market is the most popular market among the manufacturers because of the large and consistent demand by the buyers' market.
At the beginning of the 19th century, suitcases were mostly made of leather. During the 60s the aluminium case was regarded as up-to-date and has established itself as particular high grade and noble product on the market.
More favourable suitcases made of plastic materials gain more and more attention of the consumers since a few years. The reason for this are the rising costs for raw materials like aluminium and the higher sales prices. The external signs, e. g. deformations on the aluminium cases, which could arise because of active use, look unaesthetic and lead to a buying decision in favour of a plastic case.
Over the years the suitcases' product profile has changed radically. At first, cases were carried generally, in the meantime the case with integrated rollers has established itself on the market. In the beginning, four rollers and a ribbon were enough, sophisticated roller and retractable handle systems are established. The most part of the suitcases is in the meantime equipped with two rollers and a retractable handle.

Business cases for clothing and material required for work

For travelling salespersons cases in which clothing and business documents could be transported and kept together are very popular. In this range of use the aluminium case shows its advantages and represents an extreme practical, sturdy and high grade companion.

Doctor's and emergency cases

Aluminium cases have been established as doctor's and emergency cases and are used by many emergency doctors and rescue teams. Especially the transport of medicaments and dressing material for emergencies and disaster operations is realised by use of aluminium cases. In these used aluminium cases medicaments could be well transported and could be well cooled together with the case. Currently a new aluminium case system comes on the market which has been developed by NOWEBO. This special system is developed for medical equipment in the area of medical service. Consumers are for example the Technische Hilfswerk (THW) and the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (DRK).

Tool cases

Rigidity and life period are important criteria for production of tool cases and for craftsmen, service technicians and technicians an important requirement. That is why the aluminium case has conquered its place in this area of application. Specially arranged, well equipped tool cases offer an optimal solution for keeping and transport of tools and appliances. For protection of costly and valuable equipment the tool cases could be additionally equiped with foam inserts or further protection systems.

Pilot's cases

Aluminium cases are also used as so-called pilot's cases. The pilot's case has been developed because of the little space in the cockpit. Here no other possibility was given to create an appropriate storage space. For this the pilot's case has been developed. This type of case solution is still very popular and is not only used by pilots.

Presentation cases made of aluminium with foam insert

Presentation cases are even for sales representatives important and great helpers. During daily work, the cases offer the unique chance not only to present the product to the interested customers by using explanations and technical facts but also to present it significantly and haptically. An individual design of the case's outside offers the possibility to strengthen the company's identity (Corporate Identity) and to get a unique selling point. Especially produced foam inserts for the incoming products could complete the presentation case in a perfect way. Foam case inserts could be produced by using different processing methods. The possibilities consist of milling, water-jet cutting, die cutting and form cutting. Manufacturers who are good at these techniques are able to offer and to produce an almost completed user-oriented solution of presentation. The perfect way of presentation will not miss its impression on its observers.

Hints for buying a case

When buying an aluminium case, many criteria should be considered:
• What is the purpose of the case? / Transport, storage, dispatch, presentation
• What kind of rigidity should be given? / Size and weight of the products are essential
• Functionality of the case
• Does design and haptics play a role for creation of the case?
• User-friendliness of the cases
• Interior design of the cases according to user requirements
• Budgeting of the costs

In Germany producing case manufacturers offer all possibilities to produce a perfect, specific ready-for-use aluminium cases according to customer requirements. The higher price explains itself by:
• Innovative proposals for solutions
• Structured planning processes
• Direct and prompt communication
• Proximity to customers
• Perfectly carried out and user-oriented case solutions
• Long period of use
• Treatment of high quality materials
• Qualified persons
• Guaranteeing
• Spare parts, supplementary equipment are available at short notice
• Production Made in Germany
• Social responsibility
• Environmental protection

Decision for Germany as a location for business

German case manufacturers are convinced of their decision Germany as a location for business and give distinction to the seal of quality "Made in Germany". They do not follow the "thriftiness is cool" mentality, but try to strengthen and enlarge their market share for which they have worked hard.

Because of purchasing cases made in the Far East, the exploitation of people and environment is pushed on in Asia. It could not be the suggestion of the customers and users to take on responsibility for this. Each employee is entitled to get performance-linked wages, health and safety protection at the workplace and to receive recognition in appreciation of his person, also in Asia. Social responsibility for the employees, environtmental protection when choosing the used materials, environmental sustainability during production, strengthening of Germany as industrial location, creation of jobs and apprenticeships have to come again more into focus of all buying decisions.
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  Total height H is split up into
bottom height (b-height) + lid height (l-height)

All indicated dimensions are usable internal dimensions in mm

Technical and most flexible in the design
aluminium cases PROFESSIONAL

  • 7 standard sizes
  • 2 standard colours
  • anodized aluminium frame extrusions
  • sturdy and resistant laminated surface
  • functional, durable metal locks
  • delivery time: 3 - 5 working days for goods which are in stock
W / D / H (mm) Colour Article no. In stock Weight Offer buying
345 x 255 x 85+40 Silver-grey 71110.10 X 2.75 kg request >> shop
385 x 235 x 65+40 Silver-grey 71120.10 X 2.75 kg request >> shop
420 x 310 x 90+40 Silver-grey 71125.10 X 2.75 kg request >> shop
460 x 340 x 115+40 Silver-grey 71130.10 X 3.80 kg request >> shop
520 x 390 x 125+50 Silver-grey 71150.10 X 4.35 kg request >> shop
595 x 395 x 135+50 Silver-grey 71160.10 X 4.75 kg request >> shop
650 x 410 x 180+50 Silver-grey 71170.10 X 7.10 kg request >> shop
345 x 255 x 85+40 Stone-grey 71110.20 X 2.75 kg request >> shop
385 x 235 x 65+40 Stone-grey 71120.20 X 2.75 kg request >> shop
420 x 310 x 90+40 Stone-grey 71125.20 X 2.75 kg request >> shop
460 x 340 x 115+40 Stone-grey 71130.20 X 3.80 kg request >> shop
520 x 390 x 125+50 Stone-grey 71150.20 X 4.35 kg request >> shop
595 x 395 x 135+50 Stone-grey 71160.20 X 4.90 kg request >> shop
650 x 410 x 180+50 Stone-grey 71170.20 X 5.85 kg request >> shop

Accessories and further fittings
are the essence of a professional aluminium case solution. Please select one of the following headwords and click for further detailed information.

  • Structural shapes
    The structural shapedetermines important, structural shape caused elements and thereforethe appearance of the case solution. Furtherexamples ...

  • Interior design
    Foam inserts, deeprecessed inserts and so on are available in many variations.
    Furtherexamples ...

  • Hardware fittings
    Case locks, hinges,handles etc. are meant by hardware fittings. According to your choicethe case is Furtherexamples ...

  • Roller systems
    Rollers could beinstalled for comfortable work with a heavy case. A choice Furtherexamples ...

  • Electrical assembly
    Showing products infunction and convincing customers. You'll get here information on howto get spread electricity in your case: Furtherexamples ...

  • Logos/Branding
    Company logos andproduct names belong to nearly every packaging. Even on your case.
    Further examples ...

  • Downloads
    Downloadpart catalogue and, insofar available, data sheets etc. as pdf-data.
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