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Primo - Aluminium cases

Chic and at good value. This requirement could be realised with the PRIMO aluminium case. Nine different standard sizes are available ex works. The cases have little weight and are particularly suitable as presentation and promotion cases.

Articles in stock could be best equipped with an individual interior design. For production of a foam insert the minimum quantity of 20 pieces is necessary.

Labeling of in-stock products or rather quantities less than 10 pieces could be realised with adhesive labels. Best adhesion is warranted on surface "aluminium silver". Larger quantities of standard cases could be printed ex works. Please contact us for further information.

Pressure of the cases is about 6 kg. Should your case be able to hold more than this, the product lines Professional, Perfect Line or containers of the category Transport and Logistics are available.

Primo - presenting even better

This is how products could be better presented and transported. KKC cases GmbH is situated in North Rhine-Westphalia in Stemwede and has turned out to be a leading supplier in the area of aluminium cases Made in Germany since its foundation in 1986.
The company has turned out to be a remarkable manufacturer of cases and supplies today Europe-wide considerable industrial concerns like Siemens, Würth, Porsche, Beyerdynamic, Legrand, etc.
At its site in Stemwede, 50 employees produce aluminium cases for different uses. Nowadays, 10 different product lines are available with which nearly every requirement could be optimally realised.

One of these product lines is the aluminium case product line PRIMO which is manufactured in Germany and therefore gets rightly the title Made in Germany. We have related the attributes chic + at good value. This has been followed up consequently during development of the PRIMO case system without having forgotten the main requests and suggestions of the prospective clients. The users are looking more and more for economically priced aluminium cases which have on the one hand short delivery times and allow on the other hand a high degree of individualisation. Made in Germany offers considerable advantages which are offered by KKC with the PRIMO case.

The product line was developed for use as presentation case, sample case and promotion case and as alternative to the market dominating imports from Asia. The cheap cases from the Far East fulfil without doubt the needs of the purchasers. Unfortunately only in very rare cases a good or rather than gainful result could be achieved because besides the quality consistent with the price, the individualisation could only be badly implemented, particularly if the purchase of a sample case is connected with a tight required date. With the PRIMO aluminium case, KKC has developed a case which is suitable for even these situation and represents a solution for many tasks.

Why should you by PRIMO aluminium cases in Germany? Well, the answer is easy.
The product group PRIMO is characterised by its high flexibility regarding the customers' needs of all industries. There the standard sizes which are mostly deliverable from stock or at short notice have to be mentioned. Three standard case sizes with three standard surfaces offer a first choice with which many tasks could already be covered. This range of products is completed by aluminium etuis which are available in four standard sizes and as well three different standard surfaces which are also deliverable from stock. The stock-keeping allows the user even for unexpected needs an appropriate solution.

Because of its experience and the consequent pursuit of the development key aspect "economically priced solutions Made in Germany", KKC in Stemwede is able to satisfy the purchasing manager without having to jettison the realisation of a sales-promotional solution for the product manager. From 100 pieces on you have got the possibility to have your sample case designed individually.

Flexibility of this product line ends with the dimensions of the case; the breadth could not be larger than 2,000 mm. This means that the case could have dimensions of e. g. 600 x 400 mm or 700 x 300 mm. For the case's height, finished aluminium profiles with different heights are available and allow therefore an adaption to the product which should be packed. The individualisation of a case solution is even possible by the choice of many different handles, hinges and locks. Further possibilities of individualisation could be realised by branding, e. g. logo embossing, silk screen printing, digital printing and laser engraving outside surface of the case. A coloured design of the case is as well possible.

One of the most important individualisation elements is the interior design. In the majority of cases customer product samples of different quantities have to be fixd together with the required leaflets and catalogues in that way in the case that the sales representative arouses an incentive to buy.
For this, using of foams is suitable which are formed by using water jet cutting, milling or die cutting. For every product an own cut-out is created. Production of high quality foam inserts for agents' cases requires besides the convenient machinery a high degree of know-how. In this area KKC is, because of its longtime experience and efficiency, one step ahead. Thousands of those foam inserts leave nowadays each day our production. These foam inserts are placed in the delivered cases and are, of course, sold without case.

Resources and environment

Green-Production at KKC. As manufacturer KKC produces cases and transport containers made of different materials extensivley with handcraft of its employees. Because our employees are instructed intensely, their health is important for us as well as the health of our clients and finally the conservation of our environment.

For this reason we look closely when choosing the materials and production processes. Already when buying we attach importance to the observing of ROHS (Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances). Even with special materials, for example a special high-performance constructive glue for special uses, we avoid harmful substances (e. g. isocyanates) as we have adapted our production processes.

As matter of course we consider the consequent re-use of materials. For example aluminium remainders and swarfs are collected separately and will be recycled.

During production we use automated machines for that kind of production process where a lot of same parts have to be produced (e. g. aluminium closing profiles) in order to avoid occupational accidents and unnecessary material waste.

Also very noisy production process like production of milled foam inserts will be executed by machines and, if possible, in separated rooms which reduces stress on the employees and the surroundings. A filtering of the air and dust is here also self-evident as the professional disposal of the cleaner.With this we can ensure that our products and whose production are harmless for you and the environment.

By the way, we are consuming less material what keeps prices down. With this we are able to offer the cases especially produced for you at an attractive price. The today's generation benefits from this as well as the prospective generations.


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  Total height H is split up to
bottom height(b-height) + lid height (l-height)

All indicated dimensions are usable internal dimensions in mm.

High quality, at good value
and available at short notice
aluminium cases PRIMO

  • 3 standard sizes
  • 3 standard colours
  • high quality aluminium design corpus
  • attractive because of its low weight
  • high quality, durable metal locks
  • delivery time: 3 - 5 working days for goods which are in stock
460 x 340 x 83+33 ABS resin black 270022.05 X 1.90 kg request >> shop
W / D / H (mm) Colour Article no. In stock Weight Offer buying
345 x 255 x 53+33 Aluminium silver 270030.05 X 1.30 kg request >> shop
415 x 315 x 63+33 Aluminium silver 270031.05 X 1.90 kg request >> shop
460 x 340 x 83+33 Aluminium silver 270032.05 X 2.05 kg request >> shop
345 x 255 x 53+33 ABS resin silver-grey 270010.05 X request >> shop
415 x 315 x 63+33 ABS resin silver-grey 270011.05 X 1.65 kg request >> shop
460 x 340 x 83+33 ABS resin silver-grey 270012.05 X 1.90 kg request >> shop
345 x 255 x 53+33 ABS resin black 270020.05 X request >> shop
415 x 315 x 63+33 ABS resin black 270021.05 X 1.55 kg request >> shop

Accessories and further fittings
are the essence of a professional aluminium case solution. Please select one of the following headwords and click for further detailed information.

  • Structural shapes
    The structural shape determines important, structural shape caused elements and therefore the appearance of the case solution. Further examples ...

  • Interior design
    Foam inserts, deep recessed inserts and so on are available in many variations.
    Further examples ...

  • Hardware fittings
    Case locks, hinges, handles etc. are meant by hardware fittings. According to your choice the case is Further examples ...

  • Roller systems
    Rollers could be installed for comfortable work with a heavy case. A choice Further examples ...

  • Electrical assembly
    Showing products in function and convincing customers. You'll get here information on how to get spread electricity in your case: Further examples ...

  • Logos/Branding
    Company logos and product names belong to nearly every packaging. Even on your case.
    Further examples ...

  • Downloads
    Download part catalogue and, insofar available, data sheets etc. as pdf-data.
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