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Printing and labeling
for chic + at good value aluminium cases PRIMO

We realize having your logo on the outside and inside of the case. There are several procedures to label the case the case with your motif. According to the procedure there are different miniumum quantities from which on a printing is possible.

Screen printing

  • Single-coloured from 20 pieces on.
  • Multi-coloured from 50 pieces on.


Almost every surface could be printed. Size of motif has only little impact on the price.

Digital printing

This is feasible on nearly every surface from 20 pieces on. Especially motifs with colour gradients could be designed very well with digital printing.


This kind of logo application will be offered from 50 pieces on. Embossing is a significant kind of labelling. This could only be realized on cases with aluminium plate surface.

Dome label

From 200 pieces on these specials labels could be produced. They are laminated with crystal-clear resin, so they get this certain "dome"-effect. The choice of contact adhesive is deciding for the durability on the case's surface.