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Create and design your case entirely to the definition of your project. The aluminium cases PRIMO are as presentation cases suitable for the introduction of new products on the market. Especially they are suitable if they are transportated personally by sales represantatives, commercial agents or rather sales engineers. The case supports the products to be packed through its significance and stylishness.



Example: Aluminium case PRIMO (436 x 329 x 86 mm)

... designed individually
and received within 4 weeks

Width and depth

are arbitrary from 100 pieces on
(maximum volume of case 2,000 mm)



12 different heights of profiles

The following heights, mentioned in the grid, are available:

  66 mm   (33 + 33 mm) **  
  86 mm   (53 + 33 mm) **  
  96 mm   (63 + 33 mm) **
116 mm   (83 + 33 mm) **
136 mm (103 + 33 mm) **
156 mm (123 + 33 mm) **

My individual solution

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Optional fittings and supplements

  • Structural shapes
    The structural shapedetermines important, structural shape caused elements and thereforethe appearance of the case solution. Furtherexamples ...

  • Interior design
    Foam inserts, deeprecessed inserts and so on are available in many variations.
    Furtherexamples ...

  • Hardware fittings
    Case locks, hinges,handles etc. are meant by hardware fittings. According to your choicethe case is Furtherexamples ...

  • Roller systems
    Rollers could beinstalled for comfortable work with a heavy case. A choice Furtherexamples ...

  • Electrical assembly
    Showing products infunction and convincing customers. You'll get here information on howto get spread electricity in your case: Furtherexamples ...

  • Logos/Branding
    Company logos andproduct names belong to nearly every packaging. Even on your case.
    Further examples ...

  • Downloads
    Downloadpart catalogue and, insofar available, data sheets etc. as pdf-data.
    Click here for download...

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