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Perfect Line - Pilot's trolley

Office case, case for sales representatives, simply told pilot's case, has been construed newly by us.

At first the mobility is the centre of our attention. A long time cases and boxes were only equipped with a trolley (retractable handle with permanently mounted rollers). The mounting of the trolley was mostly made under the case so that the sample case had to be turned before you were able to use the trolley.

The professional solution made by KKC is totally different: If the pilot's case is concerned, it is now called "Office-Roller".

The sturdy Perfect Line aluminium case designed as box is equipped with a very easy to handle roller system. The 150 mm tall rollers with rubberised tread of wheel and the retractable handle form this comfort roller system which offers an ideal use of the case on nearly every area. The use and handling of the case is easy and efficient. The handle has NOT to be slided-in for being able to open the case. The lid could always be opened. The business case is equipped for taking documents, folders and hanging file folders. A removable tableau made of platic holds writing utensils and other office accessories and in the lid there are two removable bags.

The perfect companion for the daily business routine.

Pilot's cases at KKC

Pilot's cases at KKCThe mobile office - to go!

A retractable handle build on pivoting exterior mechanism in conjunction with 150 mm tall rollers allows excellent mobility. Organisation bags in lid, a variable compartment division system as well as a removable tray made of plastic for writing utensiles are included in this design.A flexible interior paritioning for insertion of all files and folders with hanging file system are also possible.



  Total height H is split up into
bottom height (b-height) + lid height (l-height)

All indicated dimensions are usable internal dimensions in mm

Exclusive, mobile and particular sturdy
Office-Roller PERFECT LINE

  • 1 standard size
  • 1 standard colour
  • high quality aluminium frame profile
  • sturdy and resistant laminated surface
  • functional, durable metal locks
  • sturdy, large rollers
  • pivoting retractable handle
  • flexible interior paritioning
  • delivery time: 3 - 5 working days for goods which are in stock
W / D / H (mm) Colour Article no. In stock Weight Offer buying
405 x 220 x 300+47 Silver-grey 130051.00 X 7.40 kg request >> shop

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