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Interior design
for excklusive + sturdy aluminium cases PERFECT LINE

  • From 10 pieces on
    STANDARD CASES will be equipped individually ex works.
  • From 25 pieces on
    INDIVIDUAL CASES will be equipped individually ex works.

Foam padding

The cases' inner surfaces will be laminated with rigid foam with a material thickness of 5 to 100 mm.



Foam insert

  • milling
  • die-cutting
  • water-jet cutting
  • form cutting

Foam inserts are the most popular and most common interior decoration of cases. They will be exactly adapted to the incoming products. Standard colour of foam is anthracite (almost black). For orders exceeding 50 pieces KKC offers bicoloured foam inserts. Further details regarding foam inserts ...

Deep recessed inserts

made of plastic are favourable for orders exceeding 500 pieces. Increasing lot sizes cause drop of unit costs. This kind of case insert is easy to clean.

Drawer cabinets

belong to the most useful fittings. Several solutions could be adapted individually to the requirements.