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Libero - Aluminium etuis

Aluminium document cases, etuis or conference document cases - these are 3 solutions how the aluminium case of the product line LIBERO, produced at KKC, could be described.

The Libero case systems consists of aluminium profile frames which are available in 3 different heights and are mounted using shock-resistant plastic connectors which are available in 2 colours. Because of the fabrication at KKC, you could choose the surface from a wide range of material. 5 different standard materials are available for the surface. However, this diversity could be extended. However, for this advice of our sales representatives is absolutely necessary.

The possible solutions which could be realised with an aluminium document case are almost limitless. The document cases are especially appropriateas presentation etuis or storage cases for small products and product parts. Libero individual demonstrates the numerous possibilities.

Aluminium flat cases as etuis

KKC aluminium etuis are suitable for an awesome presentation of high quality, nice products and to hand them over to business partners or clients. With these etuis the appearance of high quality products could be added dressy / concisely, as not only the incoming product but also the packaging and the type of presentation play an essential role. Furthermore the aluminium eutis could be excellently used as gift packages, giveaways and as present packages.

For productions Made in Germany the labelling gets a particular significance. As the branding is applied before the classical production process, without limitation a screen or digital printing could be used all-over. An all-over adhesive label does not provide any contact surface for removal after finishing of the aluminium document case.

A particular exclusive and significant labelling is obtained using an embossing on the aluminium plate surface. Here the logo will be embossed and a 3D effect occurs.

The last interesting possibility of labelling is realized by laser engraving which is finished at KKC. Because of this fine engraving technique, a significant and discreet logo is obtained on the Libero document case. With this every etui gets his individual value.

For the interior design of the aluminium document cases Libero individual ideas are respected and realized as far as possible. Just to mention some of them:
- Foam inserts with cut-outs, custom-made according to buyer's sepcifications and desired colour
- Leather and synthetic leather inlays manufactured as conference insert, as utensil supporting the sales conversation

Deep recessed inserts shaped according to customer requirements; different colour colours are available too

Product solutions using the aluminium document case manufactured by KKC cases GmbH: Flipchart
It is not necessary to have a professional presentation document case but it facilitates and makes a professional presentation considerably more effcient. The appearance at a customer meeting is not rarely essential if the question "Who gets the order for delivery of X?" is concerned. By using a LIBERO Flipchart the user does not give rise to any doubts. This solution with A4 and A3 format is a standard solution at KKC and could be bought straightforwardly via the webshop.



  Total height H is split up into
bottom height (b-height) + lid height (l-height)

All indicated dimensions are usable internal dimensions in mm

Shapely + high-grade presentation
with aluminium etuis and document cases LIBERO

  • 5 standard sizes
  • 5 standard surfaces
  • exclusive and multi-purpose usable
  • anodized aluminium frame extrusions
  • light protective plastic corners and hinges
  • delivery time: 3 - 5 working days for goods which are in stock
W / D / H (mm) Surface Article no. In stock Offer buying
145 x 240 x 25
(Format A6)
Aluminium, ribbed design 280001.01 X request
200 x 280 x 25
(Format A5)
Aluminium, ribbed design 280002.01 X request
230 x 320 x 25
(Format A5+)
Aluminium, ribbed design 280003.01 X request
255 x 355 x 25
(Format A4)
Aluminium, ribbed design 280004.01 X request
290 x 395 x 25
(Format A4+)
Aluminium, ribbed design 280005.01 X request
145 x 240 x 25 Aluminium, smooth 280001.02 X request >> shop
200 x 280 x 25 Aluminium, smooth 280002.02 X request >> shop
230 x 320 x 25 Aluminium, smooth 280003.02 X request >> shop
255 x 355 x 25 Aluminium, smooth 280004.02 X request >> shop
290 x 395 x 25 Aluminium, smooth 280005.02 X request >> shop
145 x 240 x 25 Silver-foil, brushed effect 280001.04 X request
200 x 280 x 25 Silver-foil, brushed effect 280002.04 X request
230 x 320 x 25 Silver-foil, brushed effect 280003.04 X request
255 x 355 x 25 Silver-foil, brushed effect 280004.04 X request
290 x 395 x 25 Silver-foil, brushed effect 280005.04 X request
145 x 240 x 25 Laminate silver-grey 280001.08 X request
200 x 280 x 25 Laminate silver-grey 280002.08 X request
230 x 320 x 25 Laminate silver-grey 280003.08 X request
255 x 355 x 25 Laminate silver-grey 280004.08 X request
290 x 395 x 25 Laminate silver-grey 280005.08 X request
145 x 240 x 25 Light-weight building board black 280001.09 X request
200 x 280 x 25 Light-weight building board black 280002.09 X request
230 x 320 x 25 Light-weight building board black 280003.09 X request
255 x 355 x 25 Light-weight building board black 280004.09 X request
290 x 395 x 25 Light-weight building board black 280005.09 X request

Accessories and further fittings
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  • Interior design
    Foam inserts, deeprecessed inserts and so on are available in many variations.
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  • Hardware fittings
    Case locks, hinges,handles etc. are meant by hardware fittings. According to your choicethe case is Further examples ...

  • Logos/Branding
    Company logos andproduct names belong to nearly every packaging. Even on your case.
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