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Cargo - Transport container

CARGO - Highly stressable reusable transport boxes and storage containers.

Extremely sturdy, entirely light and capable to ATA 300 (optionally available), this means it is suitable for air transport. These attributes guarantee a solution at an up-to-date and at a highest stage for your packaging solution, especially if the transport protection for world wide dispatch is concerned. The CARGO container system protects your high-quality, sensitive products perfectly during transport. Almost indestructible and compared to its volume feathery; the available standard range offers a solution for nearly every use of application. As reusable packaging, storage packaging or transport system and flight case. Even when using this system for international air cargo and maritime freight, the advantages are realized.

Unlimited stackbility
Almost every container is, with same base area, stackable.
Regardless of integrated nubs or skids, of feet for fork-lift-trucks or shock absorbers. They are stackable even if a trolley system is attached. A continous stacking system for optimal land use.

Cargo - the better flightcases

Whether for the transport abroad by airplane, the replacement shipment of new or spare parts or the safe stocking, this highly stressable container system has many fields of application. The safe transport of valuable and highly sensitive goods makes high demands on the used transport containers. Cargo transport containers offer regarding design and functionality the right solution for every packaging task. Numerous clients of the aerospace, medical and measurement technique, the military and the supply as well as the machine bulding industry and the electrical engineering confide in these packaging solutions with the knowledge that the investments in safe transport and stocking are always a good investment. This is how Lufthansa stores and transports highly sensitive spare parts for airplanes in Cargo containers - and this without exception.

Of course the Cargo container could also be used as a flightcase. Compared to the classical, made of thick wooden material and with strong aluminium profiles, with heavy steel fittings like ball corners, butterfly clasps and massive steel hinges, cases, the Cargo containers have essential advantages: reducing transport costs, saving money, protecting the health: By use of the highly shock-resistant HDPE (polythylene) and the deep recessing technique for the treatment of the material, a sturdy and, at the same time, light-weight corpus is generated in contrast to the classical flightcase construction. Everyone who uses and has to move flightcases in his everyday life is happy about every kilogram weight he has not to move - just for the sake of his health. And the company that has to transport these goods by airplane is happy about every saved kilogram weight because this is cash which rests in the company's cash box.

The containers of the product line Cargo are usable for many cases and offer because of more than 400 available standard sizes with 8 different standard colours for every need the appropriate solution. And if the desired one is not present, the sales engineer from KKC cases GmbH finds a solution for your task.

Thanks to a plenty of different fittings, individual containers could be realized from 1 piece on if a standard size will be used. From 100 pieces on and a planned demand over a few years, the investment for a new tool is profitable because the client only has to pay a part of the costs. For the equipment of the Cargo containers, 23 handle types, 24 different locks and 15 types of rollers and foot studs are available. Furthermore there is the possibility to have lettering or logos on your container using deep-recessing, printing or hot embossing, so that your own logo or company's name is constantly present.

The returnable containers are made of polyethylene (PE-HD or rather HDPE) and are resistant to heavy physical demands and chemical products. The containers could, accodring to the model, meet the demands of civil or military packaging norms like for example ATA300 of the aviation industry. Furthermore they offer in standard splash guard IP54 and, if desired, the guard up to protection class IP 65.



  Total height H is split up into
bottom height (b-height) + lid height (l-height)

All indicated dimensions are usable internal dimensions in mm

Highly stressable and long-lasting
solid + light CARGO transport boxes

  • 400 standard sizes
  • 8 standard colours:
    silver-grey, red, blue, anthracite, black, yellow, olive-green, white
  • extremely solid, impact-, scratch- and break-resistant
  • light, low own weight
  • splash guard up to IP 54
  • stackable
  • long-lasting, permanent reusable
  • resistant and airworthy
  • ATA 300 capable (optionally available)
  • watertightness IP 65 deliverable on demand
Inside dimensions
W / D / H (mm)
Outside dimensions
W / D / H (mm)
Article no. Weight Offer
155 x 155 x 110+110 180 x 200 x 250 C3-1515-1010 1.30 kg request
155 x 155 x 110+55 180 x 200 x 195 C3-1515-1055 1.20 kg request
285 x 250 x 130+80 305 x 285 x 240 C3-2825-3080 1.80 kg request
280 x 250 x 165+160 305 x 285 x 350 C3-2825-6560 2.20 kg request
300 x 195 x 80+90 325 x 240 x 205 C3-3019-8090 1.90 kg request
320 x 300 x 227+110 400 x 380 x 375 C3-3432-2005 3.80 kg request
340 x 320 x 320+105 400 x 380 x 465 C3-3432-2006 4.10 kg request
340 x 320 x 320+320 400 x 380 x 690 C3-3432-2020 4.90 kg request
340 x 320 x 320+240 400 x 380 x 600 C3-3432-2040 4.80 kg request
340 x 320 x 230+240 400 x 380 x 510 C3-3432-3040 4.80 kg request

Accessories and further fittings
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  • Interior design
    Foam inserts, deeprecessed inserts and so on are available in many variations.
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  • Roller systems
    Rollers could beinstalled for comfortable work with a heavy case. A choice Furtherexamples ...

  • Logos/Branding
    Company logos andproduct names belong to nearly every packaging. Even on your case.
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    Downloadpart catalogue and, insofar available, data sheets etc. as pdf-data.
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