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Plastic cases
water- and rain-proof:

The waterproof and unbreakable cases made in the United States. Companies all over the world trust in these unbreakable cases - from the military to the oil and shipping industry up to the electrical industry and machine construction.

The large number of the available case sizes offers a solution for nearly every case. The waterproof casing made of polypropylene will be completed with professional foam fittings. produced at KKC.

Besides their extreme stability the cases are UV resistant and furthermore they are resistant to resolvents. The cases could be used on land, on water and in the air thanks to the fully automatic 2-way pressure compensating valve.

The carrying handle is coated with a padding material and fits perfectly in hand. When folded down, the handle is locked into place and does not rattle during transport.

IP68 - water-proof

Waterproof-S, the waterproof quality cases - made in the USA. In the meantime nearly every child knows them. The waterproof plastic cases - which have already supported a well-known chocolate bar on TV. You can go swimming with them but the valuable freight rests undamaged.

These almost unbreakable injection moulded cases have been developed in America. It was as often the military which has challenged the engineers' creativity with their requirements. And a, in the meantime, worldwide known product was developed. The Peli case or rather Pelicase which is nowadays a synonym for sturdy plastic cases as the Tempo handkerchief for all tissue handkerchiefs.

In the meantime you will find copycat products from Asia to the regret of the quality products from America. The user who really needs the technical specifications like the watertightness should think about if he could have confidence in the copycat products and if he could accept having denied his equipment approval.

The Waterproof-S cases of the sales program of KKC cases GmbH are quality products made in the USA and have a lifelong guarantee. Made of light, but sturdy polypropylene and equipped with a rubber gasket these case are absolutely dust- and water-proof according to protection class IP67 (IEC 60529).

In order that the case solutions of the product line Waterproof-S could also be easily transported, different sizes with integrated rollers and retractable handles are available.
Waterproof-S is worldwide the best and strongest product line which is available. This is why we could grant a lifelong guarantee on all products of this product line. In addition these cases are 10 % lighter in average than comparable quality cases. The copycat products from Asia are in this connection excluded. Waterproof-S cases are stackable, comfortable in use thanks to the soft-touch handle and to the easily to open locks, which could also be opened with gloves.



  Total height H is split up into
bottom height (b-height) + lid height (l-height)

All indicated dimensions are usable internal dimensions in mm

Waterproof and unbreakable

  • 11 standard sizes
  • standard colour: black
  • waterproof, sturdy and uv-resistant
  • resistant to resolvents and all-purpose
  • 2-way pressure compensating valve
  • lifelong guarantee
  • delivery time: 3 - 5 working days for goods which are in stock
W / D / H (mm) Article no. In stock Weight Offer buying
234 x 180 x 75+30 421300.00 X request >> shop
249 x 177 x 125+30 421301.00 X request >> shop
305 x 229 x 76+38 421302.00 X 1.50 kg request >> shop
381 x 264 x 108+44 421303.00 X 2.70 kg request >> shop
406 x 254 x 89+50 421304.00 X 2.20 kg request >> shop
432 x 292 x 108+44 421305.00 X 2.70 kg request >> shop
470 x 330 x 82+38 421306.00 X 3.20 kg request >> shop
470 x 330 x 139+38 421307.00 X 3.00 kg request >> shop
520 x 292 x 159+50 421308.00 X 3.60 kg request >> shop
520 x 393 x 140+50 421309.00 X request >> shop
558 x 432 x 153+50 421310.00 X 5.00 kg request >> shop

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