Foam inlays for containers
case inlays

Container and case inserts made of foam

Presentation with a special note. Foam inserts for cases make it possible.

High grade aluminium cases of best quality, practicable, economically priced plastic cases, exquisite interior designs and a combination of esthetics and highest protection could be the key advance in comparison with the competitors. We are talking about a milled foam insert made of rigid foam and individually adapted to the products which should be presented.

Thanks to latest production methods KKC cases GmbH offers the possibility to present the wide range of products, product parts and tools representatively and practicable at the same time or rather to present them sorted. With this, product characteristics, quality and reliability of the products are best highlighted in a sample case.

KKC produces custom-made foam inserts in many variations. Whether made of 1-coloured or 2-coloured foam, KKC is your contact and solution provider if complete sample cases are concerned. Rely on us. Many other people do this already.

Presentation and protection in perfection

And with special note. 30 years of experience in the areas of presentation and protection speaks for itself. As experts in this area we offer you for all cases an individual, custom-made and functional interior design. Besides the casing the case insert is that what gives it that extra something, that is to say it is indispensable. In opposition to many competitors, KKC cases GmbH produces these interior designs and foam inserts itself.

KKC cases GmbH offers suitable techniques and solutions to present your entire range of products in that way that nearly all products could be seen at a glance and that the potential buyer gets an additional incentive to buy because of the professional presentation. Thereby the product characteristics like quality and professionality of the salesman could be highlighted.

For interior designs of aluminium cases and sample cases as protection and unique presentation attributes, a range of high quality, foamed polyolefin foams is available which are best suitable for packaging of different products. Their special, excellent characteristics, a partly wide range of appealing colours turns them into favoured and liked materials or rather foams for case inserts. And this with highest quality.

Particular characteristics:

• light and durable

• clean and resistant to chemicals

• non-toxic

• odourless

• wide choice of colours

• fine-celled

• from soft and flexible to solid and rigid

• excellent shock-absorbing characteristics

• low inside tension

• no blushing of noble metals

Polyethylene foams are obtainable with different tightnesses. They are foamed in free surroundings (works in principle like baking of bread) and have a low interior tension. This foamed block has indeed a homogeneous structure but similar to a baked piece, the outer tightness and size of the foam cells is a bit different than in the core. This explains the small diferrences of the single sheets to each other cutted out of the block and is not avoidable. The user has to accept by use of foams such fluctuations in material.
Case inlay made of foam

... designed individually
and manufactured professionally by KKC



Width, depth and height
are arbitrary from 20 pieces on



Foam inlays for cases

For the production of foam inlays different rigid foam variations are available with different hardness, colours and qualities. This allows us to produce your requested inlay.
The case inlays will be designed completely individually and produced by milling, water-jet cutting and die cutting.

My individual solution

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