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Aluminiumbox - Alpha

Our aluminium transport boxes of the product line ALPHA illustrate the most high-grade model of the 3 available models. Here the application at the professional user for many transport and stocking functions is in the foreground. The aluminium boxes of the product line EXTREME - ALPHA are made of 1.2 mm thick aluminium material for high rigidity and carrying capacity. The cases are equipped with aluminium stacking corners in standard and offer in contrast to the stacking corners made of plastic a clearly higher life period and stability. Because of these stacking corners in combination with the massive, pressed profile rills all boxes are especially resilient. Thanks to the production technique using aluminium profiles which are welded on bottom and lid, additional stability is achieved. Clasp handles with a weight-bearing capacity of 50 kg at each handle arrange for a safe handling. 2 clip locks in combination with the framed high quality steel hinge band hold the lid and ensure in combination with the deep-seated rubber gasket protection against splash water according to IP 54. Because of this all cases and aluminium boxes of the EXTREME product lines ALPHA and BRAVO are even dust-proof. KKC's Aluminium boxes EXTREME meet even the strict standards of the military clients.
br>KKC cases GmbH - the case manufacturer located in Germany, manufactures all containers regardless of the ordered quantity accurately to customer's specifications, if desired with foam lining or foam inserts. You will get accurately that size which you will need and should not be content yourself with the next larger or minor size. This is how a safe transport as well as a dependable stocking is guaranteed. The KKC standard aluminium boxes are compatible with the identically constructed containers of the most other manufacturers and fit in harmonically and without any barriers in existing equipments.

Aluminium boxes with background

With these information we will give an overview and an insight into the topic aluminium cases and aluminium boxes.
On the market there are diverse brands of aluminium boxes. They are mostly similar regarding their construction and quality. There are nearly no outstanding characteristics which provide a key reason from brand X in contrast to brand Y except the material thickness of the used aluminium plate and of course the processing quality. In the following you will get information on material qualities, application areas and intended uses of aluminium cases and boxes. Here you will get an insight.

Aluminium cases could be found in many areas of the daily life. They are an approved and even very popular product for packing up and transporting goods. Of course the descriptions of such boxes are different. Descriptions such as aluminium container or aluminium box are as well common as descriptions like "aluminium-container", "caisson" or "army case". In many cases descriptions like "eurobox" or "stackable box" are used.
Who looks around will realize quickly that such aluminium boxes could be found in the own four walls. Maybe for keeping and packing up things for your hobby, for family outdoor activities and, not least, for transporting several utensils for the next camping holiday. Often tents with equipment, tools and hand machines and, of course, damageable appliances are packed in.

Finally these boxes are used for organissation and stocking of many products, not only in the private domain. Often in professional domains like industry, trade and artisanry. Even public institutions and administrations use such aluminium containers in order to cover several tasks. This could be the transport of documents and voting papers, this could be the transport of equipment, tools and machine parts or the organization as well as the transport of medicine and medical material.

The aluminium boxes have achieved special popularity because of the military use. In the military they are used for several tasks. Started with munitions and mobile armaments up to the transport of medical materials; aluminium boxes could be found everywhere. In many cases these are used in combination with a camouflage painting.

Advantages of boxes, cases and containers made of aluminium at a glance:
- Aluminium is a particular light material: Because of the low weight together with high stability the aluminium cases are especially used as packaging and transport container for the air freight service sector
- Aluminium protects itself: Scratch marks on the surface "heal themselves"; the aluminium forms a protective oxide coating when having contact with oxygen
- Aluminium is hygienic: Aluminium has a closed surface structure and could be cleaned and disinfected easily because of its resistance to cleansing materials and disinfectants and is besides odourless. So it is perfect for the food industry.

• Aluminium protects: against many environmental conditions like water, rain, wind, oxygen, smoke, light, UV radiation and many other things. It is perfect for forwarding and protecting damageable goods
• Aluminium is non-magnetic: Especially a good solution in the area of electrical and electronic engineering as transport container
• Aluminium is shock-resistant: Even with massive force effect, regardless of which temperature, the material aluminium will never burst or break
• Aluminium is climate resistant: No matter in which vegetal zone of our plaet the aluminium case is used, neither water nor heat, neither snow nor mud and even no animals can damage the transport box
• Aluminium is resistant to high variations in temperature: The material expands with heat and shrinks with coldness but this happens in very small dimensions and does not affect the function as packing case or transport container
• Aluminium is ecologically-friendly: As aluminium boxes are made of 100 % aluminium, they are at 100 % recyclable and do not stress the environment after their use



All indicated dimensions are usable inside dimensions in mm

Sturdy and indispensable, the top model
aluminium box ALPHA of the product line EXTREME

  • 11 standard sizes
  • most stability thanks to 1.2 mm thick aluminium plate
  • solid aluminium casting stacking corners
  • permanent folding function using indestructible, continous high quality steel hinge band
  • solid full rivets on all riveted spots
  • delivery time: 3 - 5 working days for goods which are in stock
Type Outside dimensions
W / D / H (mm)
Inside dimensions
W / D / H (mm)
Article no. Weight Offer buying
27 400 x 300 x 340 350 x 250 x 310 505100.00 3.10 kg request >> shop
44 600 x 400 x 250 550 x 350 x 230 505101.00 4.60 kg request >> shop
62 600 x 400 x 340 550 x 350 x 320 505102.00 5.00 kg request >> shop
73 600 x 400 x 410 550 x 350 x 380 505103.00 5.40 kg request >> shop
67 600 x 600 x 260 550 x 550 x 220 505104.00 5.90 kg request >> shop
115 600 x 600 x 420 550 x 550 x 380 505105.00 6.80 kg request >> shop
175 600 x 600 x 620 550 x 550 x 580 505106.00 7.30 kg request >> shop
84 800 x 400 x 340 750 x 350 x 320 505107.00 6.30 kg request >> shop
157 800 x 600 x 410 750 x 550 x 380 505108.00 9.50 kg request >> shop
239 800 x 600 x 610 750 x 440 x 580 505109.00 9.80 kg request >> shop
423 1200 x 800 x 510 1150 x 750 x 490 505110.00 14.70 kg request >> shop

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