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ABS resin - Plastic cases

Between plastic cases made of ABS resin the brand PLASTON is world-famous. One of the most well-known products of these cases is the Hilti case. The cases are made of ABS resin material and are nearly indestructible and consequently suitable for building sites. For all equipment which is used from artisans on building sites a Plaston plastic case is the suitable packaging. These cases are principally used in the electrical tool industry and the measuring industry.

The offered quality of the Plaston plastic cases results from the many details which represent the entire product. On the one hand there is the ergonomically formed handle which is not only comfortable to carry but also protects the wrist with a pivoting stop and furthermore guarantees a certified carrying capacity of 140 kg. The break-proof locks could be opened and closed millionfold without breaking. The demand for quality is completed by use of a high-tensile hinge band with steel core.

The case construction and material composition lead to notable characteristics like a particular high impact resistance and surface hardness. The case material is on the one hand quite light but on the other hand extreme break-proof, dimensionally stable and temperature-resistant from - 40°C to - 80°C. The environment is not damaged because the ABS resin case is 100 % recycable.



 Total height H is split up into
bottom height (b-height) + lid height (l-height)

The packaging at good value, almost indestructible
ABS resin cases

  • 8 standard sizes
  • impact resistant injection-moulded plastic case made of polystyrene
  • appealing because of its low weight
  • case halves are identical
  • swivelling handle
  • delivery time: 3 - 5 working days for goods which are in stock

  • colour: case: black,     lock: black
Type W / D / H (mm) Article no. In stock Quantity
PU *
31 363 x 219 x 64 420931.01 X 10 request
51 372 x 249 x 83 420951.01 X 6 request
70 380 x 240 x 120 420970.01 X 6 request
81 420 x 276 x 100 420981.01 X 1 request
111 440 x 310 x 100 420911.01 X 1 request
126 530 x 375 x 130 420926.01 X 1 request
146 609 x 409 x 140 420946.01 X 1 request
156 609 x 409 x 200 420956.01 X 1 request

All indicated dimensions are usable inside dimensions in mm.
*Plastic cases are only sold in complete packaging units.

Accessories and further fittings
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